Is utopia the answer?

I don’t believe that it is crucial to keep imagining things can get better for them to get better. With this mindset, one would never be satisfied. This would lead to a never-ending cycle of “trying to reach utopia”. How will we ever know that we have reached this? This practice would literally train your brain that things can always get better and we have to always have to work towards that. Having this thought process takes away from living in the moment. I believe it can be a thought in your mind, to a certain extent. If things are unfavorable and harmful to society then of course things can get better. Once we have reached a point in life where we don’t care that things can get better we would be able to achieve inner utopia.

Utopian thinking can be an important key to escaping dystopia. Utopia is the opposite of Utopia. Therefore, it must seem pretty obvious that Utopian thinking can overcome Dystopia. It is important to set a goal and try to reach it but, not to get too caught up in that goal that we miss the target. After reading Robinson’s article the term anti-utopia was introduced. Anti utopian thinking is trying to make things better but, ironically making them worse. In trying to achieve Utopia we should make sure that we are not accidentally reaching anti-utopia.

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