We Can Do It!… But Effort Is Needed…

I would like to consider myself an Anti-Anti-Utopian thinker due to my optimism in humankind. I believe that we can come together and fix the multiple problems in our society. However, I am not totally placing my confidence in the fact that human kind will come together and just fix these problems; that’s unrealistic. However, the realism aspect lies within realistic solutions that could serve as a pathway to solve the bigger issues. Wether it’s by enforcing theses solutions on everyone or encouraging everyone to participate, I believe the bigger issues can be resolved instantly.

One prominent example of how to approach the resolution of climate change is by getting everyone on the same page. I believe if our government focused more on the regulation of resource consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, and pollution, people wouldn’t have the choice to not participate in global change. This could be done by passing laws that restrict cars that don’t run on electricity; huge fines for not recycling and littering; and allocating resources necessary for families so they don’t over indulge on certain resources (food, water, paper items, plastic items). This solution uses the anti-anti-utopian ideology. However, it’s not realistic for these to just happen, small actions have to happen in order for these suggested solutions to work. Therefore, being realistic is by slowly getting rid of technology the emits carbon dioxide and make it accessible to everyone. In addition, we also have to teach our future generation about the importance of recycling and enforce it in schools, therefore, households will place emphasis on its importance for the longevity of earth. Lastly, to maximize the resources we consume, we must place a limit on the amount of meat, water, paper, and plastic that EVERYONE can consume. This would decrease the competition to obtain resources for everyone and put an end to world hungry.

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