The Soul Exchange For Privacy

            As individuals who practice autonomy in our society, we would think that we should be automatically entitled to the right to privacy. However, the right to privacy creates a possibility of chaos in the age of technology. Technology is humankind’s most treasured innovation of our lifetime. While having its benefits, technology sometimes is also used for malicious intent. Privacy comes into play by allowing people to utilize technology at their discretion. An example is instilling trust in phone companies to not look into our conversations or protect the most valuable information that we store on our phones. However, this reward for this level of privacy requires us to give up some type of right or access to our lives; an invasion of privacy. Yes, they are preventing others from viewing our information but, they also simultaneously have access to data and information such as social security, card numbers, phone records, search history, and photos that can be given to the government/police in an instant. This “give and take” system has been put in place to regulate the amount of privacy between the government and its citizens.             

One aspect of privacy I am willing to give up is to give access to monitors in and outside of my household. Although this statement might sound outrageous, the reward in exchange is the protection of property and justice in neighborhoods. Additionally, I would give up a portion of my phone privacy to catch pedophiles, human traffickers, bombers, and mass shooters. I feel like this would strongly be efficient in preventing tragic incidents from occurring or disgusting criminals from being on the streets. Most of the rewards that I would want to receive our protection in my country, efficient and affordable healthcare, justice, and affordable education. You can consider it selling my soul to the government, however, if the regulation of what they are looking for does not lead to me breaking the law then I am ok.

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