Police Brutality… When Will It End?

Being black in America is one of the most dangerous things a person can do. At a young age I was already given the ”police talk” and told how to carry myself so I can be deemed ”one of the good ones’ by white adults. This perspective gives an insight on how the institution of law is tainted and corrupt. Police brutality is a prime example of one of The Five Faces Of Oppression…violence. The violence aspect of oppression is when random acts of violence target a specific group of people in order to remind them they are inferior in this society. To view the police as our saviors who serve to protect already shows me what side you’re on. To say the police are just ”doing their best” oozes privilege. I know, as a black woman in America, that I can not call the police for help because I can simply be ignored or somehow end up dead. I’m tired of seeing yet another black person as a hashtag on social media because they died at the hands of the police. Half of the time it’s only for minor inconveniences or offenses: traffic stops, walking at night, walking with a hoodie on. Simply being black can lead to the police brutally murdering you. Just for the cops to use it as “another lesson” and get a slap on the wrist.

 There are numerous examples of police brutality that is weaved into our social structure. However, there are even more PROMINENT examples such as George Floyd who was killed due to the excessive force of a police officer’s knee on his neck for a suspected counterfeit 20 dollar bill. Tamir Rice, a 12 year old who was shot multiple times by the police because he had a toy gun. Eric Garner, a 43 year old man who was strangled to death by police because they suspected he was selling cigarettes. Philander Castile, a 32 year old man who was shot by the police during a traffic stop. What is one thing these people have in common….they are black men in America. However, the most recent tragedy of Tyre Nichols only solidifies that its the rooted racism and values in the police system that permits police officers to target black Americans and handle them like animals. This specific case all of the officers were black. They pulled Tyre Nichols over for a “traffic stop” and minutes later 6 police officers are beating him till he’s unconscious. Black men, women, and children are conditioned into thinking this is the norm for us. Every time we see a fatal killing by police officers the victim is black. Therefore, the excessive violence committed towards black people in America today promotes oppression among us. They implant fear in us to remind us we are always walking on egg shells.

Not only does these acts of violence come from the police, it also influences white citizens of our society to continue to instill fear into socially inferior groups. During the pandemic two Asian white women were stabbed by a white man while waiting for the bus. This single attack sent a shock wave of Anti-Asian violence across America.In addition, Ahmad Arbery was a black man running near his home. Two white men chased him down and shot him in cold blood in broad daylight. When does it end? There has always been violence against inferior groups in America, especially black people. It’s sad that the he violence continues in today’s society. It hurts worse now because now we get it on video….

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