Final Definition: Dystopia

A dystopia is an imagined society that constructs the society’s foundation by utilizing contemporary problems and fears that exist within our own reality. These intentionally highlighted disturbances within our society are a common aspect of a dystopia which it purposefully exaggerates them in unrealistic way to that either eliminates it or acts on it. This allows us to imagine the loss of given freedoms that we as a country take for granted. It’s considered insurrection only because it violates our regular norms and values. Constructing a society that strips it away from us allows us to identify the problem before the dystopia becomes a reality. However, this ultimately leads to the unfolding of insurrection and the inhumane rules, morals, and values are revealed.

A common attribute that exists is every dystopia is an upper echelon that create this one sided, “ideal”system the intentionally undermine the well-being of its citizens in some way. This undermining can be defined using Young’s Five Faces of Oppression which defines the different categories of oppression that happens within a society: Marginalization, Powerlessness, Exploitation, Cultural Imperialism, and Violence. The three main faces that are found regularly in dystopias are powerlessness, exploitation, and violence. This create s a power dynamic within dystopias that hinder it’s citizens from rebellion and remain in order.   

However, reading “The Hobbesian Jungle” by Thomas Hobbes helped me come to the conclusion that us as humankind have created our own conflicts in our own society due to envy and greed. Hobbes suggested that evil exists only due to the jealousy created by material things, titles, possessions, strength, and glory.  In result, resorted for man to constantly envied violence amongst each other and keep us in a state of “crabs in a barrel”. “The Jungle” described reminds me of an actual dystopia where citizens live in a constant state of fear; men not knowing when they will be attacked or who their enemies are that lurk in the dark. Therefore, in my option, dystopian societies either try to eliminate the jungle or exaggerate the dysfunctions that are present in contemporary society that causes a dystopia to have such a savage place. 

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