How to Create a Utopia

In my opinion, the best way to determine which form of government would be the last dystopia is ensuring the elements of dystopia like oppression and abuses of power are most unlikely to happen. After reviewing the forms of government I believe that a Social government would be the least dystopian. A social government tries to put into practice elements that will ensure all members of society have equal access to things like healthcare, education, workers’ compensation, public transportation, and other services including child care and care for the elderly. Social democracy partners with unions and actively works against all forms of discrimination unlike other forms of government and even democracies that work against it or just do nothing to stop it. These are aspects of society that others cause turmoil and conflict. 

It is also pertinent to point out that some of the most advanced and happiest countries like Finland, Denmark, Sweden are those that operate under Social democracy. I went to Denmark this summer and was so shocked at how pleasant, organized, and peaceful the country was. The people there didn’t even jaywalk and not because of fear of retaliation if they didn’t but because they genuinely believed in and respected the laws for their own safety. Walking anywhere in America, jaywalking is so normal it’s not even recognized as a legitimate law. Of course, there are always ways in which the government can be abused and corrupted, there are always ways in which the rich and powerful will cheat the system and find loopholes,  and I am sure that even in Social Democracies that happens too. But as far as the democracy in place now and those that have been tried, it seems to be the one that would be the most effective and the ones that has the most safeguard to avoid it.

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