Higher Education is as Dystopian as it Gets

Higher education is very dystopian, at least in America. The entire process to get admitted into a four-year or two-year university is dystopian alone. To get into a university, you have to have a transcript with the GPA they are looking for, better than average test scores, a long-drawn-out essay, AND you have to pay them money for the application fee. If you get rejected, you don’t get your money back. I don’t think the process is very fair because grades and test scores don’t define a person and it’s almost as if they are amounting students to nothing but their grades and test scores. Whether it’s a private or public university, college is expensive for the majority of the population and it puts students so deep in debt that they are working their whole lives to pay off this debt and even when they retire, the debt still won’t be fully paid off. I feel like university is a place where people go to get the necessary credentials that they need in order to make the money they want and get the jobs they want but for students who don’t have full or partial scholarships, they will never truly make the money that they want because they will be devoting most of their money to student loans. Also, just because you graduate with a degree doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a job, so now you are stuck paying loans with no income. For example, it doesn’t take much effort to get a student loan but it takes forever to pay one off because they keep adding interest, which is why most people never finish paying their student loans off. It’s a never-ending cycle between students and student loans. Higher education is the epitome of dystopia, it’s everything but perfect.

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