Group Projects

I am more than capable of working on assignments and projects with a group of people. Typically, when given the option, I choose to work by myself simply because I know my work ethic. In the past, like in high school, I can recall having to work with a group of people on a project or an assignment and I ended up doing most of the work because they did not do their part like they were supposed to, and even during freshman year of college, this has happened. I just feel like when working by myself I know that the work will get done and it will get done in the way that I want it to be done. But, over the years I have learned to not be so controlling and to be more open to group work because now, we are fully grown adults and everyone is more likely to be responsible for their portion of the assignment, including me.

As far as my ability to use technology to communicate with larger audiences, I believe I am also capable of doing this as well. I am no tech genius, but I do consider myself tech-savvy. As someone who navigates social media, I feel like doing a podcast is no different than hopping on Instagram live, the only difference is that with a podcast, there is no video. With that being said, I do not like public speaking at all, but I am comfortable with talking to a microphone at an audience that can only hear my voice and not see my face.

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