Final Podcast Production

We have finished our podcast, and my thoughts about working in a group still have not changed. I am still fully capable of working in a group and working well with others. I am more than willing to listen to others’ ideas and combine them with my own. Based on my current experiences, my group and I worked really well together. We all offered our ideas to the project, and luckily they complemented each other. That is how group projects are supposed to work. In the first podcast production episode, I mentioned how I didn’t like working in groups because everyone might not be responsible, leaving one person to do all the work. With this project, everyone was responsible and we did what we were suppose to do when it needed to be done. I only love group projects when everyone is responsible, like my group was.

I do think that with this project, I had to become more tech savvy. Trying to edit the podcast required me to look up “how to” videos, how to cut and trim the podcast, how to combine multiple podcasts, and how to add sound effects. At first I tried garage band, and that didn’t work, then I tried third party websites that I also had to figure out how use. This podcast project allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone with the “the usual” projects.

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