Dystopia Definition: Then and Now

At the beginning of the semester, I would say that dystopia was defined as a place where people live with limited resources and don’t have the opportunity to thrive. Now I would define dystopia as a society where there are oppressed individuals that live in a corrupt world with limited resources that are being controlled by the government or an authority figure. All in all, my definitions are very similar.

I believe that my definition of dystopia proves to be true because of the storylines of the podcasts that I have listened to. I have learned that the common themes for dystopia continue to seem to be corruption, violence, and loss of power. There is no shock that Iris Young mentioned violence and being powerless as two of the five faces of oppression because in dystopias those at the bottom of the hierarchy are in fact oppressed. Members of the dystopian society have to face a new reality that they will most likely not see better days. The book 1894 by George Orwell also points out that extreme abuse of power can impact society and the people that live in it.

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