Dystopia: A Flawed World

Dystopia can be defined as a society that lives in a world that experiences great suffrage and often have no control over their life.

When I think of a dystopian society, I think about the movie The Platform. The setting of this movie was a prison that consisted of over 300 levels. The level that an inmate is on determines the variety and access to food the inmate will have. In this case the higher the level, the greater access to the large variety of food the inmate has. When the inmates were finished eating, they would throw the rest of the food and in some cases scraps down a hole so that it could be eaten by those below them. By there being so many levels, the inmates towards the bottom levels rarely had access to food. This would result in the inmates eating scrapes that you would feed to animals or in some cases inmates would have to murder and eat their floor-mate. In order to be granted access to the higher levels, good behavior had to be displayed or violence had to be shown to be rewarded.

Ultimately, the inmates were living in an inhumane environment which categorizes what dystopia is. We know that there should be equality and that individuals should be granted their basic needs in order survive. Instead, the actions in the film displayed the opposite and had individuals fighting each other for survival. From this there was great suffrage amongst a lot of individuals while feeling like times would not get better.

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