Who Should Really be In Control?

I believe that democracy would be the least dystopian. There are 3 branches within the government and also the term checks and balance comes into play because no one branch can really make decision without the other. The three branches of government are executive, legislative and judicial. Most of the laws and Acts are created and passed through the legislative branch of government. They way America is structured social, economically, and judicially is through the House of representatives and Senate. Laws such as same sex marriage, abortions, and other work care acts are created in which they dictate us as a society. The most powerful branch is the legislative to where this would mean they are the worst out of the three. The social climate brings these shifts in how legislation decides and pass particular laws to be enforced. Additionally, the choices that are made dictates the the execution of the branches to do their duties.

The least corrupted branch of government is the judicial. Within this branch, the officials can only can uphold and make decisions for various cases in society. The judicial branch has no immediate control over laws or how they are being made. In the reading, Hobbes talked about glory within nature and people are held to a very high standard. They are also put onto a pedestal unlike other workers functions of law. Another way judicial branch is less of corruption is through competition as in the article. They are not the enemies exactly when conflict arise but rather the mediator for it. Since they are held to high standards, they are not in competition or fighting for any title they have not obtained. The limitations of their duties give a restriction on what they can manipulate. They do hold a sense of dictatorship though how the law is used in different forms based on situations between two parties.

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