Today’s Ur-Fascism

Turkey is the modern day form of fascism in today’s society. In the article, they explain how the nature of the war in Syria is to be for controlled fashion and domination of another society. This opportunity was also used to build the Turkish economy and wealth up as well at the stake of another country’s well being. Another reason for this country to align with fascism in the modern day is through difference of expression that was not allowed. These examples are prime to show how middle eastern countries are still holding non democracy points of view.

As I read through the article, I believe that other countries do not hold people to same standards the United States does. The democracy in America makes the main difference between freedom of an individual unlike other countries. The sense of a self and individualism does not exist in which the sovereignty controls how and what manner it happens. Also, this can lead to social frustration. This builds a divide in those who want a sense of self awareness and being a number of society. Modern times has created this progressive efforts; however, Countries in the Middle East do not see this progressive efforts as effective. This plays into the fear of difference and anyone that strays away from this punished. Fascism creates very strict guidelines and rules for how the economy, societal, and cultures are ran. All in all, times have changed but in few places in the world it has not moved since post World War I.

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