Higher Learning

The American higher educational system is a dystopia. Dystopia from my understanding is a society where there is great suffering or injustice. Is there not great suffering and injustice in the higher educational system? Students complain about their needs not being met EVERY YEAR, ALL THROUGH THE YEAR, can that not be considered great suffering? There’s also injustice in the higher educational system. If I’m paying thousands of dollars in tuition and I’m having a problem at my university and no one can help or solve my problem or I’m given the run around, that there is an injustice. It’s like I’m literally paying you to better myself and my future, then “I’m done, I’ve got it finished” and now I’m struggling for the rest of my life, trying to pay off what I owe you for your services. Meanwhile that service that cost so much got me a piece of paper that doesn’t guarantee me ANYTHING. Students are fighting for their lives everyday in this higher educational system.

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