Podcast Production Update

I think the most important thing that I personally learned from both the Intellectual Property video and the Audio Clip and Show Notes video is that it is obviously best to keep the use of other people’s media to a minimum. I think adding audio clips from the movie is a great way to keep the listener invested and interested in the conversation, even if they’ve never seen the movie. Thankfully, as we won’t be profiting off of it, and it is being used for educational purposes, we would be fine with including a few short clips of the movie’s audio. However, I also recognize, as talked about in the Audio Clip and Show Notes video, that this also runs the chance of being used or seen as filling space or tyring to run extra time. My intention of course wouldn’t be to do this, and as such I think it’s helpful that this was brought to my attention as I’m now more conscientious of this happening. Back to the Intellectual Property videos, I feel that for music used throughout the transitions of the podcast we could potentially get away with using smaller clips of popular songs, but using specifically public domain audio clips is definitely the safer bet. Concerning the work we have already done, I think my group is doing a great job of adhering to copyright laws. My main concern is for ensuring we keep this up as we continue with script building and editing. I do wonder though, by posting our podcasts onto the Room 101 website, are we therefore losing our distribution rights, just like how a bookstore is able to distribute books as it pleases, regardless of the author’s intention?

Now for the song of the week (I’m gonna start doing these at the end of every blog just for fun)

Barbie Dreams by: Nicki Minaj

Fun Fact: The only person in this song that she was actually dissing was DJ Khaled

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