Blog Post #13: Podcast Post-production

Personally I am a more introverted person, and as such I often find working with groups to be a little hard, and oftentimes tedious. I find that the constant back and forth can make some part of a project take twice as long. However I do have to say that by working in a group not only am I afforded the opportunity to see new ideas and viewpoints, but a lot of tasks also become a lot easier, as these tasks can be delegated to different people. Honestly, though the work sometimes feels harder, I do like working in groups. My biggest struggle is just that I tend to try and take on more work than I should, especially concerning tasks that no one wants to do. By that I mean if there is a particularly hard part of the project that no one wants to do, then it ends up on my plate and as this continues on I end up doing a lot of some of the arguably hardest work for the project. This tells me that I need to do a lot better at saying no and stop trying to handle everything on my own. 

I have a little experience when it comes to using technology to communicate because a lot of the volunteer work I did with Jack and Jill of America Incorporated in high school involved creating fliers, pamphlets, websites, and zoom conferences. However, through this assignment I have gotten more comfortable and capable specifically when it comes to video editing. I think this is a medium in which I definitely struggled with at first, but became more and more comfortable as time passed. I am excited with where I will be able to apply this skill outside of this class, when it comes to more work in the community and the things I am able to contribute. 

The song of the week is: Love, or Lack Thereof By Isaac Dunbar 

Fun fact: He never once actually says, “love or lack thereof” in the song

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