purge review

Overall, I loved the purge. The plot was amazing and the storyline was very unique. It is set in a dystopian time where I hope America never sees. The Purge is about a fake America where once a year for 12 hours all crime, including murder, is temporarily legal and all emergency services are temporarily suspended. The New Founding Fathers of America run this fictional America and are voted into office after an economic collapse and pass a law allowing the purge to happen annually. The United States is said to have become virtually crime-free, with legal unemployment rates having dropped to 1%.

I believe if America were to ever try this in real life to decrease crime rates the entire country would go extinct. People fly to America from all over the world to participate. We’re basically allowing war to happen on our own land and the worse part is we would be killing each other. All dystopian communities have flaws to different degrees but the Purge is taking it too far. Trying to decrease crime throughout the year by sacrificing innocent people to be killed for 12 hours is ridiculous. There are other steps to be taken to decrease crime rates before we unleash hell on innocent people.

Overall, I believe there are many fictional dystopian novels and movies that could very much come true but I do not believe the purge is one of them. In the purge’s plot crime is said to have decreased throughout the year because it’s so high that one day, but to whose expense is it too. A day like this will only cause chaos and more deaths. People will not honor it for only one day. People today still kill and commit crimes while it’s illegal so if we made it legal for a day I truly believe the majority of the country’s population would be killed, mainly innocent people, women, children and people of minority living in rough neighborhoods.

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