Podcast Pre-Production

I personally enjoy working in groups. I love collaborating with other people because I feel like multiple minds are always better than one. I think I tend to take the lead when it comes to group assignments because I am a very outgoing person. I hold numerous leadership positions on campus currently as well as in my past high school experience so I’m used to leading others. I am very comfortable working in groups to the extent that my group is actually cooperative. I cannot work with people who don’t like to contribute or who are difficult to work with. Overall, I like working with people who I already know because I know that I can work with them well and I know that they will do their part. 

My ability with using technology to communicate with large audiences is very good. I use many different social media platforms daily including twitter, instagram, snapchat, facebook and tik tok. I feel like when it comes to using the internet I can always figure it out. I personally have never done a podcast but I think it will be a really fun experience. I do watch a couple podcasts on youtube and it doesn’t seem that hard to do so I think this will go well.

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