Living in Transparency

Legally, as citizens of the United States we have a right to privacy guaranteed to us by the constitution. I think certain privacies such as what we do with our bodies should never be infringed upon. I believe that anything healthcare related should always be between my physician and I. However, I think that’s the only area of privacy that I’m absolutely firm on not giving up. As somebody who is a fairly anxious person, I’m willing to give up or waver on a decent amount of privacy when it comes to a matter of safety. This only stands though so long as the safety isn’t just a mirage and it doesn’t require me to give up my ability to make my own decisions. Another stipulation is that the information collected isn’t being misused or sold. For example, as controversial as it may be I don’t really care that the government monitors my phone so long as the information is secure and they’re not actively trying to enforce anything on me. Don’t get me wrong, I hate long lines in the airport as much as the next person, but I love not worrying about somebody having weapons on my flight even more. If TSA wants to check something for the sake of safety it is more than fine with me. I think most people are honestly fine with less privacy for the sake of security, but the looming fear of oppression and abuse of power keeps them reluctant. I too am reluctant to some things as I understand the government does not always have pure intentions with some of their aspects of data gathering. I just personally don’t find it concerning enough for me to want to actively change it. If it got to a point where I felt like my actions were constricted due to a lack of privacy I would be concerned.

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