In a Perfect World…

If I was in charge of a society with complete freedom to make it my own Utopia, I would model it after that of the hidden villages of the Marvel Universe, Wakanda and Talokan. The society would exist in a place heavily hidden but not completely unknown by the rest of the world. Most people living in my society will have similar backgrounds because I don’t believe you can have a heterogenous society and a Utopia exist. We don’t trade much with the outside world because we use our own resources for the most part. We refuse to get involved in outside issues unless the general public agrees it’s appropriate through voting.The government would be similar to that of the United States, but more so a republic. Three branches of government because I like the idea of checks and balances and I think in a smaller more homogenous society, it actually works. Physical money exists, but everybody uses debit cards to buy things. There is a set pay for every job available in society as well as detailed descriptions of what each job entails which everybody has access to. Education is free and following one’s passions is highly encouraged. Every professional is required to accept at least 3 apprentices throughout the year. It’s encouraged for children to find something they enjoy doing and are fairly good at. There is a 4 day work week and for any job requiring over 10 hours of labor in one shift, childcare fees are covered by the company. Public Safety is number one priority. Farming and food production is a government regulated job to prevent price gouging and unlawful preparation practices. Businesses are not allowed to purchase their way through politics and company’s themselves have no say in government. Monopolies aren’t allowed and are dealt with immediately. It is illegal to pay anyone differently based due gender or anything else than the set pay determined by the government. The city we live in was built to be walkable, but public transportation is encouraged and heavily used as well. All government proceedings are made available to the public and nothing is kept from them. I can’t say that everything I’d put in my own Utopia could work in reality, but in my own perfect world where corruption and greed are out of the picture, that is the society I’d like to live in.

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