Im a Bit Pessimistic

In all honesty, I am 100% anti-Utopian in my ideology. It really boils down to the way that I define a Utopia and a Dystopia. In my mind, a Utopia is a place where every citizen’s wants and needs are met. There is no arguing in government only problem solving. I don’t think this place exists without creating a place where everybody thinks the same and looks the same. I feel like as long as an other group exists whether it be by race, gender, or culture oppression will take place. We’ve had this discussion before as a class where we talked about is oppression simply another aspect of human nature and I definitely think that it is. History has shown time and time again that as long as people can find a way to separate themselves, they absolutely will. Although I consider myself anti-utopian I don’t think that all is lost and we are forever doomed to misery. I just think that working towards this idea of a Utopia is just not the route we should take. I think somebody’s idea of a Utopia is somebody else’s dystopia. Life is bound to have problems even in the midst of somebody’s perfection. For example, the movie Gattaca has a world where parents need not worry about if their child will be healthy, boy or girl, etc. because they can choose. Everybody builds these insanely smart and athletic babies bred to be perfect, but it backfires because in any true competition there is only one winner. So who are you then if you lose a few races, end up salutatorian, or you can’t achieve something when you were born and raised to be perfect? That movie really shaped my thinking because it really made me wonder how can a truly ideal world exist? What could we possibly due to ensure everybody’s happiness. I honestly don’t think we can.

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