What is a dystopia?

I believe dystopia is the complete opposite with similar characteristics to utopia. I know, that sounds a tad bit strange, but let me explain. While listening to the lecture on the history of the two words, I was reminded of movies I’ve seen. Immediately, I think of the hunger games, this world of the loss of free will, abuse of power, and inequality/oppression. On the other hand, it is a utopian society controlled by the government which makes it a dystopian. The governments control makes them believe they are creating something perfect but in reality they are creating poverty and hardship which creates a fearful frightening world. So in a sense the word dystopia is a utopia world turned bad. Which is also found in ancient Greek terms, explained in the lecture, as “dys” means bad and “topos” means place, insinuating a bad place. I used the example of the hunger games to explain my definition, as well as the definition given in lecture that is described as “an imaginary place that is depressingly wretched in which people lead a fearful existence”. 

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