Was Freud Right?

When a government is repressive to human nature, they use force to control citizenship for political reasons, ultimately removing them from that side of society. Well, in this world there are many different government forms from democracy to communism, some are better than others, many work, and many fail. However, these government structures are put together to push agendas of not the masses but for a certain person or group of people.

I totally agree with the statement that “ any form of government is repressive to human nature” because in places like America we have seen a mass use of propaganda through social media and even commercials that pushes agendas that many would say doesn’t fit all people and is a way to guide our society into leadership from one person. To be governed by a very small fraction of the population is control within itself, where the 10 percent make decisions for millions not only here in America but in most governments throughout the world. Overall, freedom is never really free, and there are many ways we are being controlled for reasons that may or may not even benefit us.

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