Throughout my years of school working in a group settings has always been easy for me. I know how to take a leadership role when needed, as well as, knowing when to take a step back and give others the opportunity to step up. Taking XUleads my freshman year definitely helped with this. On the other hand, working in a group in an asynchronous class is very different. This leaves room for less communication because it’s solely through technology and never face to face. This was something I was not used to but at the end my group and I worked together to give a good finished product.

In my opinion, I am very tech savvy. I know how to use just about every communication app from group me to google meets, and if I don’t know to use it I can figure it out. Group me or group chats in messages would have to be my favorite way to communicate in group settings. Whereas, my favorite for communicating with large audiences would have to be google meets or zoom. 

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