Direct Democracy

When thinking about a government that would be the least dystopian I instantly think of a government that would be used in a utopian world. A democratic government would be the best option because a world where every opinion matters is as close as perfect could get. However, when I say a democratic government I’m not referring to the one that’s implemented today because the United States is closer to a dystopia than a utopia. Democracy in the U.S is barely that, elections and laws can be won even if the majority is opposed to it. This type of democracy is representative in other words indirect which is why the system is flawed. Instead of this, I believe a direct democracy would create a more united world because it allows the people to actually be in control of the government and the world they live in. This gives everyone a chance to express their opinions instead of decisions being made by people who do not have the same goals, views, or beliefs. 

After reading this question I thought about how in Leviathan Hobbes spoke of the nature of men and how they think which correlates to how our country is run because since the beginning of time it has been mainly run by men. This reading gave a lot of insight into their character and helped me understand why the world is the way it is. Due to the nature of men, they feel like they’re always in a competition which makes them have little trust for others. Hobbes explains how this can lead to war, a war that has no rules. The decisions made by men on behalf of the United States is an example of how men’s nature can lead them to war. Coming to this understanding makes me think of how different this world could be if men had different natures and beliefs.

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