The Procrastinator in the Group

Although I am capable of working in a group and appreciate how being in a group brings forth new and creative ideas, group assignments are not my preferred choice. If given the option to do a project individually or with a group, I would jump to do it by myself. I can be quite the procrastinator, delaying assignments until the day of the deadline. While I do not mind this terrible trait affecting my work, I feel horrible when my procrastination intervenes with other people and their time. For example, last semester, I had a group project with two other members. We had to present a Powerpoint on diseases affecting the digestive system for our Anatomy and Physiology Lab course. I caused my group members unnecessary stress and chaos by waiting an hour before our presentation to fill in my designated slides. Fortunately, we received an A on the project, but it is why I prefer staying within my confines. For a group to be effective, they have to plan the dates they want to work on the project and follow through. This aspect ensures the project is on time and in its best shape possible. I have not learned this yet. 

Like most Gen Z, I am comfortable with technology and using it to communicate with large audiences, whether through social media or school Powerpoint/Word presentations. Embarking on this podcast journey will be new territory for me, but I am more than willing to learn and utilize new technology to produce our final version. From years of watching various podcasts, I am confident that I can contribute what I have learned into making a podcast that is both entertaining and informative.

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