The Early Bird

Contrary to the Podcast Pre-Production blog post, in which I was set to make a podcast that would be both entertaining and informative, I was asked by my friend if I would do a research paper with him instead. So naturally, I accepted his invitation, and we chose to explore the capitalistic dystopia in Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Netflix Squid Game. Working with a partner to compose this research paper, I think, was made easier since he was a friend of mine. So often, I am afraid to voice my concerns/critiques within groups out of fear of hurting other people’s feelings. However, working with a partner that is your good friend is an entirely different group work experience. Because we have an honest friendship, I did not hold back my opinions if I thought something he wrote could be better worded within the paper and vice versa. Indeed, we held each other accountable in that sense. As a result, I was super proud of our end product. I was also proud of myself for my personal growth. As stated in my Podcast Pre-Production post, I am typically the procrastinator in a group. This time, however, I was the early bird. And I must say it feels stupendous to complete your work early and have ample time to make edits. I plan to adopt this mindset for all future activities.

My ability to use technology to communicate with large audiences has not changed over this semester. I was efficient at using technology then as I am now. While I know the podcast episode would have required more technological use to compose it than the technology needed for a mere research paper, I am confident I could have adapted. I will end by saying I have learned a lot about intellectual property laws from this course. When communicating your unique and original ideas and thoughts with large audiences online, you must safeguard your work with IP laws.

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