Which government is least dystopian?

I think that the least dystopian form of government is democracy. In democracy, there is a system is place where everyone has a voice in choosing what’s best for the society. Since everyone gets a chance to vote, in theory, there shouldn’t be any problems that rise outside of that vote. In democracy, the three principals don’t always need to be in play to the nature of the government. Everything is fair and equal, so the only dystopian thing that should be happening is competition between people for certain jobs and other opportunities that can only be given to qualified people. Glory can happen when people start having problems and want to demonstrate the power that they have and what they can do if the problem is not resolved.

In dystopia, like what Hobbes mentioned, everyone is in survival mode because there is a constant state of war. Three core principals cause chaos and havoc, and they are competition, distrust, and glory. Competition is when two people want something, but both can’t have it, so they battle each other for the thing and one comes out victorious. Distrust is when you feel vulnerable to the situation you’re in and take matters into your on hands by eliminating the situation or treat all together. Glory is where you make a show of your power over other people by demonstrating said power in any means necessary. This could mean killing someone who is lower than you or engaging in battle with someone else. Combine all of these things and it’s only the law of nature for things to become chaotic because all of this happens in a state of war. If it isn’t happening then there is peace, but there could never be peace with all of this.

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