What is Dystopia?

I define dystopia as a world that is post catastrophe with empty streets, underground bunkers that contains food and water, and has no power or electricity. All of the tv shows, movies, and video games that I have watched and played with dystopia has empty stores with shattered glass windows and empty streets. For example, there is this game titled 60 Seconds where you have 60 seconds to gather as much materials as you can for the apocalypse, then you get in the bunker and play to get the ending where you are saved and conquer the dystopian society that is left. The family in the game has to survive on whatever food, water, and medicine while one of them goes out to find help or allies. In the game, there are people who act like they want to help you, but they really just want some of your supplies and nothing else.

The closest thing to a dystopia is after a nuclear bomb detonates because there are people who want to help each other and there are people who want to take advantage of the kind people like in the game. The citizens would be alerted about the bomb and have little time to get their supplies to take into their bunker or safe zone. Most of everyone is going to have generators because the power grid has been wiped out from the bomb. Some people are not as fortunate to have all of the necessary supplies and some left over, so they go around trying to coerce someone out of their supplies promising to give some back. After the dust has settled and everyone is safe to leave their bunkers, everyone will see how barren the city streets are how there is an eerie feeling around them.

This is what usually happens in any tv shows or movies that try to portray what a dystopian would look and feel like to the people watching it.
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