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My ability to work in a group is getting better with time and experience. When I am in a group, my role is to suggest ideas and to add on to other team member’s ideas. For this activity, I suggested some ideas for the analog and we went with my idea and I gave a brief summary of the movie that we chose for this project. When I get comfortable enough with my group members and the idea of how to execute the project, then I open up more and offer some more potential ideas for the project. Sometimes I build up on previous ideas and everyone enjoys them and we just have fun with it.

My ability with technology to communicate to large audiences is improving. Before this project, I have only worked with PowerPoints, essays, and short speeches to get my point across to people. I could write a decent essay for a class that explains and gets to the point. I can put together a PowerPoint that gives background information and explains the situation and ways to solve the problem. Now that I have learned how to create and produce a podcast, I could get my point across to millions of people world wide if they listened to it. A podcast can reach farther than an essay or a PowerPoint presentation can ever reach on their own.

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