Is the higher education system a dystopia?

I think that it depends on your perspective, but I do think that the American higher educational system is a dystopia. People can get into colleges with certain SAT or ACT scores, so you are competing with other potential candidates with these numbers and other qualities. Other people glorify their higher scores to show how smart and intelligent they are. When you are fortunate enough to get into the college you want, you have to pay tuition, classes, and for books if you don’t have financial aid. When you graduate from college and get your degree, you have a brick ton of debt from the student loans that you have to get to help pay for tuition.

One example that I found was an article about education being a right and not a reward. It talks about ways in trying to lower debt. In some states, there are lotteries in which some students get randomly selected for a full ride scholarship and they just have to show their vaccine card to enter. There are other ways of getting scholarships, but in this way it reminds me of a dystopia. You have to get the vaccine if didn’t already get it and show your vaccine card to enter for a possibility to win the prize. This could be a last resort for some people and it’s not even a guarantee scholarship.

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