Is Snowden the best thinker on this?

When I watched the Edward Snowden interview, I did not find any of his comments too alarming but there were some that had me stop and think about before continuing the video. Over all there were some decent points that he brought up in the video about how certain countries may be better but are they better in this situation. Are Snowden’s ideas actually good in this situation if people decided to listen to him and come up with a plan of action? I have two ideas that I wanted to point out from the video that seemed strange to me at first. I had to sit and think about these and wrap my head around these concepts.

One of the comments was that authoritarian countries are not always better in things like the current pandemic because someone will eventually abuse their power. I think that they could be better, but there needs to be a fine line that is understood should not be crossed. This could happen for a little bit of time until someone with too much ego comes into the situation and think that they know everything and they actually make the situation worse. If the authoritarian way does not work, then what will? Do we give our power away to people we hope have best interests at heart?

Another comment Snowden made was that everyone is connect to each other via our cellphones. Our information is being tracked by these bigger companies for science and research purposes. It just made me think about how everyone is in our business when we least expect them to be. Also, our information is just tossed around and we never have a say about where it can go and what can be done with it. Is there any chance that we can take back our information and do whatever we please with it? Is our information just trapped in the internet void forever with no way of escaping? These are the questions that I ask myself whenever I hear or see stuff like this because it really puts into perspective how not in control we are.

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