A Star Is About To Be Born

My ability of working in a group is I can work on things and topics people need me to do. I do my best if the schedule and outline is clear with discussions before starting the project. Most of my time in group projects is spent doing small things and everyone else was just doing their thing. My comfort level in group projects is okay if I know the people that I am grouped with and if the subject matter is something that I know before this project. Being in group to do a project takes the workload of a normal project and cuts it down a lot, so that usually eases me into the thought of a group project.

My communication skills are not the best as is so speaking to a large group is tariffing to me. The largest group of people I have spoken in front of is maybe twenty people and that was for my speech class. My talking skills plus technology is less terrible because I don’t see the people hearing me talk and I can do it from the comfort of my home. A new issue does emerge from this comfort and it’s the issue of speaking clearly. I don’t speak clearly and using certain slang that other people might not know and correcting certain speech takes time to do.

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