Privacy or Safety… You Pick…

When thinking about privacy and your natural rights, I think that privacy is one of them. Genuinely I do not believe that in any fashion, should it be normal to give up a natural/human right, for any reason. I know that I personally. I value my privacy and it would not be something that I would be willing to bargain. In the direst situations, I do think there are very few things that would “outweigh” my right to privacy.

I know that in other places, this is not a foreign exchange to them. I even believe that socialism entailed, giving up certain freedoms, in order to have access to certain benefits. Socialist and socialist societies believe in shared ownership, and with this, there would be no private property and ownership. In order to do this they give up their freedom, for security. This can be an okay compromise, when your are guaranteed security and other benefits. I will not give up private owern-ship, but I may give up privacy when it retains to media.

Personally, for me, it would not be a 1:1 trade. I would need a few things in return. I would want free healthcare and education for all. I feel that in this way they are offering protection to their citizens. No more generational wealth to help you get into the expensive schools, that kids with the same grades can not attend due to economic disparity. Also, we should not have to pay to receive healthcare. There are people who are sick and on the verge of death, because they cannot afford care. There are children who cannot afford care. That right to free healthcare should, be provided by the government.

I also would want the government to take extensive action to let its citizens in on internal and external affairs. I believe that is only appropriate if we are relinquishing our right to privacy. If we are to be open with them, they should do the same. I believe that many people are oblivious to the things that go on within America, and what it’s involved in. Transparency, is key to a safe and coherent environment. Then and only then would I consider releasing my right to privacy.

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