My understanding of the word “dystopia”

My definition of Dystopia is a suffering/unfairly treated society that is controlled by the government, diseases, misery, and subjection.

My definition is quite similar to, the definition of dystopia which is “an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives”. Which is common to the general definition of “bad place”. I’ve never really heard the term Dystopia until I got enrolled in this class. I began looking up definitions and formulating my definition and understanding of Dystopia. Based on reality, our world is filled with dystopia our lives are controlled by a little bit of everything. Especially the government, the government has access to many different advantages over us which is equivalent to control.

The film that I considered that relates to the world dystopia is “What happened to Monday” which is based on a world where families were only allowed to have one child because of overpopulation, this was a strict policy. A mother gave birth to seven children(identical) but she only reported one child. Monday was the reported child but she had six siblings that were hiding from the government avoiding execution. Monday went missing so the sisters had to go out in the unknown government-controlled outside world to find her. This movie relates to dystopia because their society was controlled by the government and had to go through suffering and unfairness. In a dystopian world usually are unhappy or afraid because they are not being treated fairly. I feel like our world isn’t a bad place but some people may think otherwise because of how much control the government has over us. For example, with the outrage of Covid surfacing the world and killing off people. There is a new disease almost every two months and the government expects citizens to follow their lead.

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