Freud- BP3

After reading and discussing “Civilization and Its Discontents” Freud was right. Freud premise that any form of government is repressive to human nature because they diminish human nature by any chance to secure security and comfort. Freud theory is that unhappiness comes from the demands of civilization where freedom and individuality is restricted. Which is believe is correct because the government has access and control over everything individuals in America. By making laws and enforcing them gives them ultimate control over us and they bend our freedom to make sure they secure security.

Freud stated four things that states how civilization has a negative effect on us, which are; the power of the individual is sacrificed to the power of the group, the liberty and freedom of the individual are diminished, the individual is forced to renounce their own instincts and the individual is made to conform and restrict their own sexuality. And these four statements play into part on why Fred is right because the government restricts and limit us to make sure they still have power. This government system find any way to control us which leads to the fives forms of oppression(exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism and violence) because they abuse the form of power. So the theory that “unhappiness comes from the demands” play a part into why us as citizens are always unhappy with the government. When it comes to jobs, cars, school, money, power, etc the government will always be involved.

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