Five Faces of Oppression -BP2

The five faces of oppression that she presented in the book is exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism and violence. These fives faces are all rooted in the United States but the ones that I think that are a huge problem is exploitation, powerless and violence.

First, the definition of exploitation is for the text, “The central function of Marx’s theory of exploitation is to explain how class structure can exist in the absence of legally and normatively sanctioned class distinctions”. Which is a very broad definition but a simple definition is that the government is taking advantage of a worker’s needs and paying them a smaller amount for the job they are doing. Which is major deal in the United States because there are always cases where jobs are paying an worker a lower amount. Second, powerless is another thing. A lot of Americans feel like they are powerless because the government has control over everything. Third, there is a lot of violence in the United States. For example, murder cases have been rising tremendously. So in my opinion oppression is present in the United States.

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