Blog Post #4: Podcast Pre-Production

Working in a group in is okay to me if the group is okay. I never really had major problems with working in a group as long as people are playing their part in the group. I am comfortable with working with others I love working and connecting with people. So for the most part I am not a big fan of working in a group because I expect everyone to work on my pace instead of procrastinating. Also, I expect others to put as much time as I am putting in because we are a group and one person shouldn’t be doing more than the other. If a group is good I enjoy it but if its bad I manage well.

My ability with using technology to communicate with a large audience in my eyes is kind of good but could be better. The use of technology increases my ability to communicate but I haven’t really had that much experience with working with technology besides using the basic apps. I hope to enhance my ability of using technology to communicate with large audience.

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