A dystopian catch

Dystopia is a bad evil place, controlled by a main source which leads to pain and suffering

My definition de dystopia fits the original definition because it represents a bad place, or a imagined bad society.also, the opposite of this word is utopia which is good. So during this semester I was able to learn about it more in-depth. First, the Five Faces of Oppression relates to my definition because it explains five way controlling is highlighted. The five are powerless, exploitation, marginalization, violence and cultural imperialism. These play a major part in now and way dystopia is characterized through controlment. Second,the idea of the Hobbesian jungle which focused on the idea of humanity existing through “state de nature” where there should be no laws and no morality. Which also relates because he explained the choosing of forming governments and societies because of the seeking of control. Control and government relates to the elements of dystopia.

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