A Utopian Society

A perfect Utopia for me is one that embodies the characteristics of a social, economic, and political utopia. A lot of the facets of these do overlap and together, they will create an ideal society.

To ensure that there is a Utopia we have to make sure that the political aspect of it is as fair as possible. There should be a legal system that is put in place that correctly identifies criminals and tries to minimize the amount of discrimination people face due to social factors. We also have to have a large amount of accountability held for the politicians elected into office. To make sure that the politicians elected into office are fair of course, we will have to implement a fair democracy and election as well as continue a democratic policy afterwards. For the politicians that we end up electing, we have to make sure that we as a community can work with them professionally and that they will not end up using their citizens for their own selfish gain.

In a social Utopia, we have to make sure that discrimination cannot stand and that people will be free regardless of their skin color, sexuality, gender, etc. Treating people with this respect will then minimize the security concerns due to hate crimes but unfortunately not eliminate all crimes. Therefore it is important to create a secure community that protects citizens. 

Last and arguably the most important is the economic aspect of a utopian society. It would not look like any theoretical economic concepts we have written down. First of all, equality in the economic sphere would be the biggest problem to eradicate. Class hierarchy would not than not in the large wealth gaps we see today. Everyone will have access to a lot of the same resources. They would also be able to make a living wage which would allow them to do what they want and not which labor is the most profitable. Lastly, we want an economic system that is not privy to inflation, the manipulation of the stock market, or monopolies. Whether this is due to economic, social, or political aspects of a utopian society, environmental safety is also a large concern. A utopian society will not stay a society if there is no land or community left alive to nurture it.

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