Even though I wasn’t aware of all the copyright and intellectual property rules I believe that my team is adhering to the copyright rules and ideals of fair use. After completing all of the Intellectual Property activities, I’ve learned about the copyright protection that applies to my podcast project and other work posted online. I learned about the rules that determine which images and text that I can use, and how can I use them. I also learned how to protect the content that I will be creating with the group podcast project.

Copyright is one of many intellectual properties that protect the originator’s work. Copyright allows authors, musicians, artists, and many more creators to make money off their creations. It prevents others from taking their work for free and from altering the work without permission. Some things that copyright does not protect are ideas, facts, data, concepts, systems, methods, principles, discoveries, names, titles, and short phrases. There are also copyright laws that protect creators’ work. There are 5 fundamental rights of reproduction, adaption, publication, performance, and display.

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