Researchers, biologists, even intelligence agencies knew and had been planning for pandemics to come but Snowden made a comment about when the Covid-19 virus came we needed the system and they have now failed us comprehensively. We are known to be the richest country in the world, but since the pandemic people have been out of jobs and bills are still coming in and no one has a way to pay for their bills so where are our resources?

In South Korea, the government has used a successful app called CoroMap, to notify everyone through text messages to people who have come in contact with people they know that has Covid-19. In Taiwan, they are using a mobile fence around you so it’s like they are using citizens’ personal phones who they know are infected by the covid virus as an ankle monitor and if you try to leave your home you will get in trouble. While here in America our democratic government is saying how we culturally can’t do certain lockdown procedures like the other countries which are why our cases of the virus are skyrocketing and seems out of control compared to the authoritarian countries. Even though the authoritarian countries may seem to have more effective lockdown procedures and ways to detect who has the virus there is no way to prove that it is all true because no one knows the true number who are infected. 

Snowden stated that “People in power who seed that there is a political advantage to disguising or concealing numbers may choose to lie about it.” I feel as though this statement that Snowden made was true because attending school in New Orleans at the peak and start of the Covid-19 virus was festivities that were going on in New Orleans which was Mardi Gras at the time should have been shut down. By the government knowing about the announcement of the Covid-19 virus, Mardi Gras festivities being shut down would have prevented many tourists from different cities, states, and other countries from being able to come into New Orleans and go back home to only spread the virus to the people that they interact with on a daily basis. 

There is no basic privacy hold within the United States. For example, In 2001, The Bush Era of wiretapping was partially shut down but is still being rolled over today. Even though we may think our data is being withheld and kept safely someway and somehow another country can gain access to our data, abuse it and use it against us. So there is truly no privacy no matter if they tell you your information is classified and unanimous.

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