Dystopian Nature of American Higher Education

Higher education refers to anything beyond the high school level. It takes place at universities and further education colleges and normally includes undergraduate and postgraduate studies. When people think about a dystopia they automatically think of an unpleasant or bad state or society in which there is suffering or injustice, typically a totalitarian. The costs of higher education and the student debt crisis are increasingly widespread topics in political discussions. The current rate of growth of this systematic problem and the burden it constitutes to the poor, working, and middle-class young adults throughout the country is unsustainable.

   When applying to colleges and universities there is a required application process. I feel that the application process alone for colleges and universities is unbelievably dystopian. For some higher education institutions, in particular, the multimillion-dollar institutions, the incoming students applying and enrolling are required to pay a fee and write a 500-word essay, to sum up, their personhood or why they should be considered as a student at these particular colleges or universities. Just for them to be indebted to banks and the government for a significant remainder of their lives to attend said institutions, for the sake of them possibly getting better-paying jobs. 

   With being the richest country there should be an investment in the education of its citizens, instead of burdening our young adults with so many institutional obstacles set in the way between them and the achievement of their educational goals. If someone wants to become a doctor or an educator, the last thing they should have to worry about is requesting some bank for money they’ll be burdened with paying back or having to turn to a person’s scholarship fund which will determine if they are worthy or not. We may complain to our family and friends about the stress of the process, but don’t question the brokenness of this system because it has become so innate. Investing in tuition-free higher education will benefit the entire economy as a whole not just the individuals now able to go to college.

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