My Utopia Dream

My utopia dream would be considered my dream world, my perfect place. It would be peaceful, and calm, where everyone gets their way. There would be see-through blue water, the sun would always shine, and some days it would be a pretty blizzard. My utopia would be where it’s always safe to walk outside, pretty parks, great scenery, and lots of festivals so people can reconnect with one another and have fun. The perfect utopia involves no worries, happiness, great pay, and a great government that makes life fair for everyone, making everyone’s voices be heard. In my utopia, laws would help the community work together to create a living that best fits them, including money first. Everyone in the community shall not be poor they will all be wealthy, there would be resources to all help one another. I believe that no one will be homeless if they all help to lift one another up. Money would be divided equally to everyone so everyone is living comfortably and at the same rate of speed. These are my main thoughts of an ideal utopia.

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