My Definition Of Dystopia…

Dystopia: relating to or denoting an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice.

Definitions from Oxford Languages 

To learn about fiction it is essential to learn about its equivalence “utopia”. Utopia is normalized as this imaginary place where government laws are perfect, whereas “dystopia” is different, it is normalized as this unimagined government ruling place where everyone is unhappy because they are being treated unfairly.

To my understanding, dystopia is defined as an unimagined place with controlling rules that can physically, mentally, and emotionally change the lives of humans by treating them unfairly and creating chaos. Dystopian literature and movies express negative mannerisms on real-world issues through a negative world. There are rules being enforced by government control that is social injustice that eventually affects the society.

Looking into a dystopian source, the movie Divergent is about a society of unfair rules. Society was divided by an up-class government that divided people by their assigned factions, and one person didn’t fit any of them. Basically, the movie demonstrated the balance in a utopian society which then collapses from a utopian society to a dystopian society. Divergent is a prime example of dystopian because it started out with these unrealistic limits on the players identities, followed by segregation of characteristics and consequences for not meeting expectations.

To sum it up, dystopia is a controlling force with expectations that a group of people must meet because no one lives a perfect life and there’s always a rule that has to be followed

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