Is panopticism embedded in our society?

Foucault’s discussion of panopticism is used to illustrate the bias of disciplinary societies to it’s citizens.

In my opinion, panopticism is embedded in our society because there are many examples of groups of people voluntarily having power over higher groups of people. Social media can be used as an example because it is treated as a classical form of panopticism. Social media allows users to record, post videos, and write hateful comments that they may find appropriate without their consent. Instagram especially enforces shared photos, videos for business-related or for pleasure, functioning as a participatory panopticon. Another example it is embedded into our society is people behind community standard in the social media apps watching everything that we do. If something may go against the platform’s rules and regulations, we will face consequences like page being unable to be used for a week or a suspension of account. With situations like these, it kind of guides users to post appropriate content and behave in a way that won’t make them stand out and be in trouble.

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