After the Storm: What I’ve Learned After Completing the Podcast Project

After completing the podcast assignment, I feel basically the same about my proficiency at the criteria listed in the prompt. In my previous post, I wrote that I had critically analyzing films and television because I spend most of my spare time watching television and films. Since I am a history major, my course curriculum has taught me to analyze contemporary events in light of their social and historical context as well as the many contributing factors. As a tutor in the writing center and English minor, I have plenty of practice writing critically as I produce a high volume of papers for my various classes. As alluded to in a previous blog post, I have become more adept at understanding and communicating different points of view. For example, in my segment of the podcast, I discussed how a common trope appeared in three of the works that we read/watched during class.

Because of the pandemic, my group used Zoom to plan for the project and record the podcast. We were forced to learn how to use it so that we could plan for our podcast. We had to share audio files that we wanted to use as background music in the podcast. We also collaborated in a google doc so that we could create our script and show notes. This project certainly helped me hone my skills as a self-regulated learner because my group members and I had to agree upon a timeline for completing the project that was convenient for everyone. The timeline also forced me to devote time to completing my portion of the assignment so that I would not block the group’s progress on the podcast project. All in all, this project has reminded me of the unique challenges of completing group projects.

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