What’s a Dystopia?

My definition of Dystopia is a society in the world is facing the most horrific degradation of their human rights by an unlimited government.

I chose this definition because from all the novels and movies I have seen over the years of dystopian societies my reaction has always been “That is insane! But it could be real life though.” The interpretation of dystopian societies is oddly specific, and the main focus is a lack of education. These novels and movies show that when we stop learning, about our history specifically, we will believe anything that someone else is telling us. When a government begins burning books and decreasing the diversity in a curriculum, I would consider the government become unlimited whether it be on a state or national level. Also, when the government begins limiting access to books it becomes a suppression of freedom. Denying citizens, the right to know about past corruptions, rebellions, uprising, etc. is a way to silence and erase it from the history of a country.

I also chose this definition because it aligns with the notion of a dystopian society. When I say this, I mean when I think of a dystopia, I imagine the color red, I imagine smoke, I imagine updated technology with a dictator controlling the media and even what children can watch in their “free” time. I also imagine a super structured day for everyone living in this society. My definition correlates to the imagery of a dystopia that I have. I do not see smiling faces or any laughing. The discussion of what society was like before is forbidden and fighting the government is grounds for death. I cannot explain the end goal of a dystopia or the reason a country might be led to this point except for someone’s greed possibly. Dystopian societies usually have one extremely rich leader who is never happy for some odd reason. It just goes to show when you allow one unhappy person a leadership role it could lead to the fall of an entire country now all in the shackles of one miserable individual and their loyal government officials.

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