My Utopia

Personal utopias are unique to each individual person. No ones idea of a utopia will look exactly like the peers no matter how close in ideas and morals that they share. One thing we will all find in common though is that our personal utopias will all fill a desire of some sort and include freedom for the person imagining it.
It seems that a world with democracy is a plus and a minus therefore my utopia will include choices. These choices will have no harm to others but have an option is always important in my utopia. So many people grow up around the world and adults live with one option, to survive, and I want to eliminate that stress in my utopia by giving people the opportunity to choose what they believe will best suit their live.

Our economy will never crash. Our economy will never crash because money will never be an issue. Everyone will be provided for exactly the same as long  as they are productive members of society. Everyone will get to choose a job of their interest and provide the utopia as a whole. Whether that be become an engineer or deciding to open a daycare business and allow your neighbors to drop off their kids. Everyone will work in harmony with one another. We will have many technological advances because everyone would have to freedom to explore without the threat of ideas being taken or someone else taking advantage of them.

Lastly, my personal utopia will include harmony. I believe feelings and trauma lead to bad things that happen. Therefore, in my utopia we will work towards harmony amongst everyone. Too many times strong feelings have led to even stronger reactions and the mass genocide of people and their culture have taken place. As an ideal utopia we will have screenings for people who seem to be a threat to themselves or others and let them decide how they want to go about living in this said utopia. They have the option to leave or to be treated so they can live amongst harmony.

In all, my utopia will include harmony, the perfect economy and a place where no one has to need anything because everything is taken care of all is well for everyone.

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