IS Climate Change Real?

To begin, I have high hopes of going into a career that involves environmental policy. Whether that looks like becoming a lawyer, policy maker, advocate for the environment with a PhD in the earth environmental sciences and so on. Climate change is undoubtedly real. There are no if ands or buts abut whether the poles are melting or that all the fossil fuels being burned are really affecting the air we breathe. There are signs that greenhouse gases are affecting our environment and tearing into our ozone layer making it hard for us to breathe. There are places where you must check the air quality to see if you must put a mask and cover your skin before you walk out of the house. I know that that they may not seem real because it is not close to home but living in New Orleans means bad air is right down the road. Due to all the chemical plants on the outskirts of New Orleans makes it very dangerous to the body to live nearby. The area near the chemical plants is nicknamed “cancer alley” and “chemical corridor”. I believe climate change is caused by money hungry people. I  also do agree that climate change is a type of oppression because there are areas that have a sped up process of climate change because people are choosing not to withdraw their resources until they meet a quota. There are also people who live in these areas heavily devastated by climate change and no one is fighting for them. They are affected socially, environmentally, economically, and even mentally. It is important to denote that climate change is happening around us every breath we take. It is up to us to fight for change so that we can end this worldwide oppression.

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